Land Portfolio Qualification for Renewables

Project Overview
Galehead is working with a U.S. Top 50 landowner to evaluate renewable energy development potential accross their portfolio spanning multiple U.S. states.

Galehead's Capabilities: Galehead works with strategic landowners to evaluate entire portfolios of sites - which can span hundreds of thousands of acres - with the objective to identify sites best suited for hosting a renewable energy project. Galehead completes these analyses via LandCommand™, which is a proprietary geospatial analytics platform.

Project Background: Galehead is currently working with a Southeastern US-based landowner that owns approximately 400,000 acres across over 500 distinct parcels spanning four states.

Methodology: This landowner supplied Galehead with the digital boundary files of these parcels and Galehead deployed LandCommand™ to analyze these parcels in <1 week. More specifically, Galehead’s LandCommand™ technology screened these parcels for renewable project suitability via adding over 100 relevant siting attributes, applying custom development guidelines suited for hosting a utility-scale project, and producing top priority sites to consider for development.

Results: Galehead identified the sites best suited to host a solar project, delivered digital results to the landowner that included over 100 siting attributes, and is actively working with this partner to develop a utility-scale solar project.

Galehead deployed LandCommand™ technology to rapidly and comprehensively evaluate this landowner's entire land portfolio and produce actionable results.

Galehead learned about the landowner's siting preferences and growth objectives and provided recommendations that will build value for all parties involved.

Galehead evaluated interconnection and offtake strategies to recommend specific geographic areas for development.

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