Co-Development Campaign

Project Overview
Galehead Development™ partnered with a domestic developer to establish a project pipeline in an eastern market.

Galehead's Capabilities:  Galehead Development works with domestic solar developers to accelerate pipeline development, support existing campaigns/projects, and/or provide added bandwidth to internal development teams that enable entry/expansion in markets that otherwise would have been delayed due to existing resource constraints.

Project Scope:  Galehead Development was hired by a leading west-coast renewable developer to launch a co-development campaign in the Northeastern US based upon an attractive state-sponsored program and high demand for early stage assets.

Methodology:  Galehead Development partnered with this developer to specify the ‘area of interest’, configured LandCommand® for the entire geography, appended specific grid and permitting intelligence supplied by the partner, and produced hundreds of incremental high value targets to engage for early stage development.

Results:  Galehead Development produced hundreds of qualified prospects, directly engaged the landowners, secured partner approval and definitive site control secured for over 50 MWs.  These projects are currently under active development by our partner. 

Galehead Development deployed LandCommand™ technology to rapidly and comprehensively evaluate the defined 'Area of Interest' and produced specific sites for immediate engagement.

Galehead Development built a custom campaign based upon this partner's pipeline objectives in this specific market, development guidelines, and offtake strategy, resulting in actionable sites that are under development.

Galehead Development conducted queue and pricing research to help define the 'area of interest', secure indicative and/or definitive site control, and support ongoing project development.

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