Market Strategy

Project Overview
Galehead Development™ partnered with a Fortune Global 500 firm to build a development strategy for a west coast market and deliver actionable project sites.

Galehead's Capabilities:  Galehead Development works with international IPPs (Independent Power Producers) that own major generating facilities worldwide to explore portfolio diversification with renewable energy projects. 

Project Scope:  Galehead Development was hired by a major global conglomerate interested in analyzing a west coast market to identify areas least congested and best suited for solar development. Additionally, this partner requested specific and actionable project sites for further development. 

Methodology:  Galehead Development defined a specific ‘area of interest’ (or AOI) via aggregating and analyzing queue activity, retail and wholesale power pricing, market-specific development considerations, real estate values, grid infrastructure, and physical land features. Once defined, Galehead Development configured LandCommand® for the AOIs and produced multiple prospects or project sites that met the partner's custom development guidelines.

Results:  Galehead Development delivered targeted AOIs for this partner to invest in and explore renewable project development and identified dozens of specific and suitable project sites positioned for further development.

Galehead deployed LandCommand™ technology to rapidly and comprehensively evaluate the defined 'Area of Interest' and produced specific sites for immediate engagement.

Galehead conduct a custom analysis based upon this partner's diversification objectives in this specific market, development guidelines, and offtake strategy, resulting in actionable sites for development.

Galehead conducted queue and pricing research to help define the 'area of interest' and identified market-specific development considerations and associated data sources to use for targeted site identification.

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