Galehead was founded to support early-stage pipeline development in any market.
Galehead built a repeatable, scalable, and successful process for establishing early stage projects that can be deployed in less than 4 weeks in any market throughout the United States.


We transform market trends into financeable development assets with proven experience, technology and results for the following services:

  • Market Strategy

  • Project M&A

  • Co-Development / Project Origination

  • Prospecting Data License

  • Site Evaluation and Qualification

  • Site Acquisition Transactions

  • Development Services


The results of a customized Co-development 'campaign' that leverages Galehead's proprietary geospatial analytics suite called LandCommand™ include delivery of prospects that meet specified development guidelines, prospect engagements, and indicative and/or definitive site control documents. Galehead can support additional development, as-needed.

Featured Case Study

Galehead launched a Co-development campaign in an east coast market for an established and well-known west coast developer that resulted in actionable sites that are currently being developed.  

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