Galehead helps landowners understand the suitability and value of their land for for hosting renewable projects. 


Whether wind, solar or battery storage, clean energy projects rely on rental or purchase contracts with landowners to host the equipment and facilitate long-term operations. Project design can accommodate the landlord's primary land use and site landscape, preserving productive or meaningful areas of the property for future generations.

Galehead utilizes our extensive experience with energy markets, utility tariffs, transmission infrastructure, project finance and good development practices to reliably advise landowners about the feasibility, risks, financials, and partners required for structuring ground leases or purchases of their property.

Featured Case Study

Galehead works with landowners and sites of all sizes, depending on the technology and capacity of the proposed project. This case study demonstrates how Galehead analyzed hundreds of thousands of acres for a commercial landowner to identify their sites best suited for utility-scale solar development. 

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