Galehead focuses on markets with fundamental demand for renewable energy resources and other key characteristics facilitative of low-impact, low-risk development.


Galehead’s development strategy is anchored in the following principles and best practices:


  • Attractive Markets: Galehead invests in markets to competitively serve strong or identifiable growing demand for low-cost power and renewable resources.

  • Competitive Sites: Leveraging LandCommand™, Galehead minimizes landowner assemblies and gen-ties, appropriately sizes POIs, and optimizes project design on the front-end of development.

  • Tollgate Methodology: Galehead systematically advances development through objective tollgates to maximize internal resources and minimize stranded investment.

  • Independent Experts: Galehead engages independent experts early and consults them throughout the development cycle to validate our internal processes for maximum viability and competitiveness.
galehead_solar_development_portfolio_states v2

Visual representation of Galehead's active development pipeline.

Featured Case Study

Galehead works with landowners and sites of all sizes, depending on the type and capacity of the project being developed. This case study steps through how Galehead analyzed hundreds of thousands of acres for a single landowner to identify their sites best suited for solar development. 

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