Our Mission

Accelerate transformation of energy markets through data-driven development of low-impact, price-leading clean energy resources.


Our platform is comprised of the following core elements:

Data Analytics and Proprietary Technology

Collaboration and Partnerships

Energy Markets and Development Experience

Our History


Galehead was formed in 2016 by merging the founders' capabilities in data analytics and renewable energy development. Our growing team has significant individual experience and career successes in the energy and technology industries and is supported by an incredible network of clients, consultants, suppliers, and advisors.

We are based in Boston, MA, and we are operationally active in energy markets throughout the U.S.

The Team

Matt Marino

Chief Executive Officer

Patrick Martin

Chief Operating Officer

John Clifford

Chief Revenue Officer

Kirsten Lawrence

Manager, Product Development

Ben Metcalf

Sr. Manager, Project Development

Dylan Stickney

Sr. Manager, Business Development

Cole Gibson

Associate, Business Development

Mike Cavanaugh

Associate, Business Development

Donnie Joe Worth

Associate, Project Development

Greg Miller

Geospatial Developer

Jesse Pollard

Associate, Project Development

Anna Gerrits

Associate, Project Development

Devin Hanel

Associate, Operations

Michael McNeley

Manager, Project Development

Michael Ferrante

Executive Member

Cameron Knowles

Associate, Business Development

Jacob Derewenda

Associate, Commercial / M&A

Nick Gates

Associate, Project Development

Jay Zoellner

Advisory Board Member

Joseph Martin

Advisory Board Member

Imraan Mir

Advisory Board Member

Contact Us


Please reach out to explore how we can accelerate renewable energy project development together.